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Winner of the “Swiss Bellydance Competition 2014” in Zürich, Soraya discovered her passion for oriental dance in 2005, thanks to her first teacher Wael Mansour.


Soraya has a wide range of dancing skills. She started to dance in 1990 when she was 5 years old and she attended the best ballet academ...y “Rolf Bertschinger“ in Lugano, where she tooked lessons of classical ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop.


After 16 years of classical ballet, she fell in love with oriental dance. She was a member of the oriental dance group of Wael Mansour, the international oriental dance group of Khaled Seif and since 2012, she is a member of the well known “Shirazia” troupe lead by Amira Shirazi in Zürich.


The half Italian dancer could perfect her skills, thanks to great teachers like Amira Shirazi, Khaled Seif, Wael Mansour, Hassan Hafifi, Aladin el Kholy, Gamal Seif , Nour(Egypt), Mercedes Nieto, Maya Szekely, Said el Amir, Lorena Galeano , Svetlana , Yael Zarca, Lolie and Ciya (France).


In 2013, she won 3rd place at the “Swiss Bellydance Competion” and the 3rd place at the “Raqs Swiss” festival in Bellinzona. In December 2013, soraya performed at the "Best of Bellydance in Budapest " as a special guest.


Soraya is known for her elegance due to her experience in classical ballet, and for her passion for dancing which she radiates when she dances.

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