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Gauri started her artistically studies in France at the Music conservatory as well as in the dance school Danse Plus in Monaco. Later on she also went to Laban Dance Center in London for workshop. At that time she was practicing several dance styles as: Classical, jazz, contemporary, and funky.


In 2006 Gauri discovered Indian classical dance called Kathak and started to be trained under the guidance of her Guruji Pandit Ravi Shankar Mishra from Benares. She is also trained in indian rhythmic and tabla. During her stays in India in the past 7 years, Gauri had also the opportunities to work and to learn from different artists in different Gharanas (Benares Gharana – Lucknow Guarana). She also had the great opportunity to meet and to learn from the legendary Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj.


Gauri participates to several international dance workshops all over the world and is touring in different dance projects in Europe as well as in India as:

  • June 2011 : Solo kathak with Udai Mazumdar & Friends - Varese (Italie)

  • June 2011 : Création Fusion Kathak/contemporain – Nuithonie – Villars/Glâne (Suisse)

  • August 2011 : Kathak solo – Ganesh Mandir – Varanasi (INDIA

  • October 2011 : Solo Kathak Monaco to Varanasi - AJM - Monaco

  • Décember 2011 : Kathak solo - Sangeet Sabha Kashi - Varanasi - India

  • Janvier 2012 : Kathak duo - TriDev Mandir (Fond. Mahadev P. Mishra) - Varanasi - India

  • March 2012 : Kathak duo – Faculty of the performing art in BHU - Varanasi – India

  • October 2012 : Kathak solo – Child Care Monaco - Monaco

  • November 2012 : Kathak Duo – IAB Indian Association – Bern – Switzerland

  • January 2013 : Kathak Duo – Rashri Kathak Santha – Lucknow – India

  • February 2014 : Kathak Duo – Nuithonie by Sangeet Swiss with Pt Sanju Sahai (tabla) - Switzerland

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