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From a Mexican-Lebanese artist and teachers family, Perla is a young choreographer who loves and keeps old dance traditions but at the same time suprirses her pubblic with her intensity as a performer and a non-conventional creative soul.


In 1996, a very young Perla moved to Europe to follow her own path in life; dance. In 2004 she started to teach in Paris and in 2006 in Rome. She created two dance companies (The "Al Kenz Ballet" in 2005) ("Amirat" in 2009)


She danced in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, France, Germany, Swizerland, Spain, Romania and Italy for TV (2m, TeleLiban etc.) and in different theaters like "Library of Alexandria", "Institut du Monde Arab", Paris, "Al Madina" theater in Beirut, and at the World Economic Forum G8 in solo or with Nawal Benabdallah dance company and The Reda Troupe.


All this experience gave her strong skills in Egyptian, Lebanese and Moroccan folklore, but she also developped her personal style in Oriental Sharqi. She was invited to teach and perform in several International Festivals. As an instructor, Perla is the kind of person who will put you on stage and offer you the confidence to "be yourself!".

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