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Munique Neith is considered a Superstar in the Oriental Dance. She is Brazilian of Arabic descent and one of the most prestigious master and bellydancers in the world.

Known by her didactical skill, unique style and her elegant dance, she travelledaround the world teaching and performing bellydancing in international festival in countries like  USA, Egypt, Morooco,Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, France,Czech Republic , Mozambique, Germany, Venezuela, Mexico,Chile, Poland, Spain and more

Actually, she lives in Barcelona (Spain) and she is the first master owner of two Oriental Dance Schools in the country with more than 800 students and the biggest school in Europe exclusively for bellydancing. As a Master teacher, she gives regular classes at her school, professional courses for teachers (in Barcelona, Portugal, Germany and Mexico) and she is the resposible in the training of many actual recognized belly dancers in Spain and around the world.

Munique Neith is also the organizer of the prestiogious International Oriental Dance Festival “Egypt in Barcelona”, that join together every year he best teachers and dancers from the five continents.

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