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Mohamed Kazafy is famous around the world as one of the principal soloists with Egypt’s famous Reda Troupe.



As a young boy, Kazafy was taken under the wing of the troupe’s legendary founders, Mahmoud Reda and Farida Fahmy and trained in the high art of Egyptian folkloric dance. He was elevated to principal soloist and went on to perform with the Reda Troupe in dozens of countries worldwide. He still remains one of their principal soloists.


In recent years Kazafy began to tour the world as a dancer and master teacher. He is loved by dancers world-wide for his superb technique, his elegant Reda styling and his ability to break down moves and present choreography in a clear, focused way.Audiences adore Kazafy’s beautiful, graceful dancing, his energy and his superb musicality.


Mohamed Kazafy is the founder of ''Kazafy Troupe’’ which was created to present Egyptian folklore dances & oriental show, through the theatrical and modern view of the Master Teacher. He already has groups in various countries: Argentina, Japan, Greece, Berlin and now creating new ones in Peru, Cyprus and the Kazafy Troupe International, a group where dancers from many different countries participate


Mohamed Kazafy is also the co-organiser of Shimmy in the City Festival in UK with Khaled Mahmoud.

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