Headmistress of the dance school “Maryam, Ecole de danse orientale et danse thérapie” and founder of the “Esquisse d’Orient” association, Maryam is one of the few professional dancers and choreographers of international level, in Switzerland.

Having initially completed a dance training program with Khaled Seif (Zürich), she continues to perfect this art form with the best teachers: Mo Geddawi (Egy...pt), Randa Kamel (Egypt), Raqia Hassan (Egypt), Magdy el Leisy (Egypt) and many others. Maryam is also currently undergoing intensive training with Momo Kadous (Germany). Furthermore, she continuously deepens her folklore knowledge (she has gained a varied and full repertoire of), which she shares all the originality through her classes, contributing to create that unique richness of the many shows organised by her school, from beginner, to professional level.
Besides belly dance, she became familiar with other dance styles, such as: Bollywood, oriental rumba, salsa, gypsy, flamenco and tango.

Maryam teaches belly dance since 2003. She composes and performs original choreographies on classical and modern arabic music.

Regularly invited as a soloist dancer at festivals and professional shows, Maryam had the pleasure to perform and/or teach at local and international events of high quality, such as: 2013 & 2010 - Gypsy Festival (Zürich) 2012 - Festival Internacional de Danza Oriental (Spain) 2011 - Recital Egyptium, with writer Alex Cairo 2011 - Merhaba Tanzfestival (Germany) 2011 - IFAD Badari Studio (Mexico) 2010 - Hator Dance Festival (Germany)

Professional Training; Maryam has a degree in psychology since 2005 and completed, in 2009, another one in dance therapy, which had become a rich journey of self discovery: through dance, one can recover forgotten body feelings, as well as becoming aware and being able to break free of tensions registered in the body’s memory. This work on both psyche and and body improves physical fitness in general, but especially leads to a better understanding of self, reinforces assertiveness, intellectual capacity and creativity. The encounter between dance and therapy awakens the authentic expression of dance motion.

Philosophy and School; Committed to promote a positive image of belly dance as an art in itself, whose level of excellence requires the same standards as any other dance styles, Maryam pays particular attention to her own training, as well as her teacher’s, since they all have professional training and/or a minimum of 8 years of experience in dance.

In addition to the professional aspect, places are also offered among the students, to each person who wishes to grow through dance. Convinced that dance is a form of expression suitable for everyone, Maryam offers senior classes (with Pro Senectute), and classes for the deaf and hard of hearing (on request). Despite belly dance being mostly for women, men are also welcomed.

The school often stands out at many of the various dance competitions, reflecting the passion and professionalism that characterise its teaching and dancers.