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Originally from Kazakhstan, Jannat has been dancing since 2007. Oriental dance started as a serious hobby, soon became her big passion. Jannat follows numerous workshops and festivals in Europe and Egypt, whenever her busy job at the United Nations would allow her. She studied with the best teachers of Egypt, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Canada and USA. Currently, she follows the coaching of Gulden Fatkulla (Kazakhstan) and enjoys this collaboration.


Since 2014, Jannat began teaching Bellydance Fitness in Geneva and organizing shows and workshops with invited teachers from Italy, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan in order to promote cooperation and strengthen the level of oriental dance in Geneva. In December 2015, Jannat successfully organized her very first dance and music show “Magic of Silk Way” in Geneva that brought together more than 30 artists from France, Switzerland, Iran, Syria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland and Ukraine.


Jannat loves performing on stage. She frequently performs on stages of international festivals in Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Sicily, Bari, Zurich, Geneva, and of course in Fribourg. Many hours of training and many competitions later, Jannat continues improving her dance skills. She dances for the love of dance and puts all her heart in it. That is why we love her performances.

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