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Amanda Pittoreska is a certified Tribal Fusion Bellydancer teaching and performing internationally and owner of the Studio Pittoreska in Switzerland. Her passion for this dance form started in 2007 when Amanda immediately fell for this style. Amanda started teaching herself through Youtube Videos, instructional DVDs and countless hours of indefatigable dedication in her daily training. Soon, she started travelling all over to find classes, projects, workshops and certification programs and to study with the most renowned representatives of Tribal Fusion Bellydance and related dance styles. Amanda performs nationally and internationally since 2011 and also began teaching Tribal Fusion Bellydance workshops and weekly classes in 2012 in response to the increasing amount of requests. Since 2013 Amanda is also travelling to the US to perform and train intensively, including The Tribal Massive™, Tribal Fest® and the 8 Elements™ program by Rachel Brice.

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